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6:00 – 6:20 : Pizza [Later start time to avoid peak traffic]
6:20 – 6:30 : Announcements and Intro
6:30 – 7:45 : Blockchain Primer – Nash Foster
7:45 : Door Prizes

Location – Doty Education Center @ IMC – http://ujug.org/ujug-meeting-location

Blockchain Primer

You’ve heard the buzzwords, you’ve experienced the hype, now come learn how this technology is already revolutionizing the way we transact. From the debut of Bitcoin in 2009, the blockchian ecosystem has evolved from digital currency to a platform facilitating distributed trust across all major industries.

Learn how the blockchain works, the differences between popular blockchian implementations, and get an introduction to the exciting world of distributed applications or “Dapps”. With the basics understood, you’ll be better prepared to jump into blockchian development on one of the many open source projects, create your own Dapp, or put your money on the table as an investor.

Nash Foster is co-founder and CEO of Pyrofex Corporation, which he founded with Dr. Michael Stay in the spring of 2016. At Pyrofex, he and Dr. Stay have focused on new blockchain technologies, large-scale distributed systems research, and programming language design and theory. Pyrofex employs over 15 full-time blockchain developers, primarily focused on the core development of RChain, an emerging smart contract platform. RChain is written in Scala and C++ and production nodes will target both the OpenJDK and Oracle’s JVM.

Nash started his professional life as a web developer and systems administrator at the venerable SunSITE.UNC.edu, where he beta-tested the Java 1.0 SDK and helped develop CGI applications for SunSITE’s on-line collections. Nash has previously been a member of Google’s Site Reliability team, Principal Software Engineer at Oracle, Director of SRE at Avalara, a software engineer at Counterpane, and an independent consultant.

Nash is a jack-of-all-trades having worked on projects at all levels of the modern software stack. He has spent a significant amount of time over the last ten years developing large-scale, distributed, reliable systems. He has helped Fortune 100 companies design, implement, and manage networks and network applications securely. He has worked directly with top IT executives in the Fortune 5 and similar international organizations.

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