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5:30-6:00 : Pizza 

6:00-7:30 : Streams: A match made in heaven for Reactive Applications! – Henrik Engström

7:30 : Door Prizes 

Streams: A match made in heaven for Reactive Applications!

The actor model is a powerful and yet simple way to implement elastic,resilient and responsive applications. The Akka toolkit is the leading actor toolkit on the JVM. However, modern applications, often required to handle massive, never-ending streams of data, come with a new set of challenges that are easier to solve using Reactive Streams. This is such an important aspect of concurrent applications it is now becoming a part of the Java standard (JEP 266). In this presentation, I will guide you through the power of the Actor Model using a Java8 based, sample Akka actor application. The presentation will showcase where the actor model falls short and why Reactive Streams is such a good fit and important complement to the actor model.

Henrik Engström is a senior engineer at Lightbend. Henrik has vast experience in various types of programming and excellent domain knowledge within the finance, retail, and e-gaming industries. Before joining Lightbend, he worked as a consultant for 12+ years. Apart from his primary interest, programming, he is also an avid Arsenal supporter, a martial artist (Thai boxing and Shotokan Karate), and a hobby wine connoisseur. Henrik has presented at various well-known conferences such as JavaOne (Rock Star 2016), OSCON, JFokus, Scala eXchange, 33 Degrees. He holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.