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6:00 : Catering from Spitz
6:20 : Announcements
6:30-7:45 : Agile Succession Wars – The Coup d’etat of Agile? – Jonathan House / Allia DeAngelis / Alistair Cockburn
7:45 : Door Prizes

Agile succession wars – the coup d’etat of Agile?

Over half of the original authors of the Agile Manifesto have publicly declared that Agile is dead or has been co-opted in a significant way. Both the Product Discovery and DevOps movements have declared Agile unfit to lead the charge for better software development, claiming that Agile has abandoned the craftsmanship roots of the movement in favor of making a quick buck with certifications and snake oil transformation consulting.

Is the Agile movement really dead? In this discussion we look at the arguments that the Product Discovery and DevOps communities are making in favor of their right to lead the charge and see what (if anything) the Agile community is doing in response.