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5:30-6:00 : Pizza 

6:00-7:30 : Building Microservice Architectures – Neal Ford

7:30 : Door Prizes 



Building Microservice Architectures

Inspired by success stories from companies such as Amazon and Netflix, many organizations are moving towards microservice architectures at a brisk pace. 

Microservice architecture is important because it’s the first architecture to fully embrace the Continuous Delivery and DevOps revolutions. In this session, I cover the motivations for building a microservice architecture (including making the distinction between “regular SOA” and microservices), some considerations you must make before starting (such as transactions versus eventual consistency), how to determine service partition boundaries, and ten tips to dowse you towards success. I also discuss the role of polyglot development, enterprise governance, how data and databases fit into this new world, and tooling to help ensure consistency between core services like logging and monitoring. This session provides a thorough overview of the pros and cons for microservice architectures, when it is applicable, and some nascent best practices.

Neal is presented by the NFJS conference, coming to Salt Lake July 14 & 15