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6:30-7:45 : Python

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Python and Data Science

Python is poised to surpass Java in popularity in the next year. When is Python the right tool for the job, and when is it not? Why is Python now the tool of choice for data science? What are some patterns and anti-patterns for data science development? Whether you’re a Python beginner or mid-level, you’ll come away with a clarified understanding of this ascendant language.

Consulting for Introverts

This presentation will focus on technical and data consulting. Have you thought about consulting? Or maybe moonlighting? Where do you get started? Many technical people are introverted and the idea of getting business seems overwhelming, let alone creating a bid and asking to get paid. This talk will walk you through how to get started. We will discuss why you might want to consult, creating a company, how to change your attitude to get business, where to invest in growing your business, practicalities of billing, and more.

Matt Harrison has been using Python since 2000. He runs MetaSnake, a Python and Data Science consultancy and corporate training shop. In the past, he has worked across the domains of search, build management and testing, business intelligence and storage.

He has presented and taught tutorials at conferences such as Strata, SciPy, SCALE, PyCON and OSCON as well as local user conferences. The structure and content of this book is based off of first hand experience teaching Python to many individuals.

He occasionally tweets useful Python related information at @__mharrison__