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6:00 : Pizza

6:20 : Announcements

6:30-7:45 : Serverless Without the Hype – Nate Taggart

7:45 : Door Prizes

Serverless Without the Hype

It seems like these days everyone is talking about “serverless.” With all the buzz, it can be tough to separate the signal from the noise and figure out what it’s really all about. In this talk, we’ll review what serverless really means for you. What are the real benefits? What are the gotchas? What are the right use cases, and when is serverless the wrong solution?

Whether you’re just starting to learn about serverless, or looking for ways to improve your implementation efforts, you’ll leave with a much deeper sense of the current maturity, trends, and leading practices of this rapidly emerging technology.

Nate Taggart is founder and CEO of Stackery, the serverless operations console. Prior to founding Stackery, Nate was the second product manager at New Relic, where he stayed until their IPO. Nate went on to lead User Growth and Data Science at GitHub as a Technical Product Manager. Nate lives in Portland, OR, and yes, it rains there a lot.