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January 2015 Ujug Meeting


Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Please RSVP on or meetup so we have enough great food!

5:30 - 6:00
6:00 - 8:00

Vojta Jína



Introduction and Demonstration of Angular and its core principles, followed by discussion about Angular and building software in general.

Vojta Jína is a big fan of open source, automated testing and functional programming. Originally from the Czech Republic, Vojta lives in California and works at Google, Mountain View. His goal is to make things simple. He is a member of the AngularJS team and a trumpet player.

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2015 Meeting Schedule



Month Presentation Speaker

January 15

Angular.js Vojta Jína
February 19 Data Mining Basics David Wellman


Ben Coverston
March 19 Agile Jonathan House
Spring Boot Prashanth Batchu
April 2 **Alternate Date** JCP, Adopt-a-JRS & You Heather VanCura
MVC HAD Manfred Riem

May 14 **Alternate Location**

TBD Venkat Subramaniam

June 18

Team patterns of our programming ancestors: From monolithic to modern Matthew McCollough

July 16

August 20

September 17

October 15

November 19



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2014 Meeting Schedule



Month Presentation Speaker
January 16 Restful services with Jersey Brian Hansen
The Science and Art of Backward Compatibility Ian Robertson
February 19 (DAY CHANGE!) IntelliJ John Lindquist

Java EE 7

Arun Gupta
March 20 Functional Browser Testing Sauce Labs
JavaScript Unit Testing Sauce Labs
April 17 Enterprise Mobile Strategy Kamal Thota - IHC
Effective SOA Derrick Isaacson - Lucidchart

May 15

Lambda Expressions Venkat Subramaniam
June 19 Codenvy Tyler Jewell
Building Web App UI with Vaadin Joonas Lehtinen
July 17
Java 8

James Weaver - Oracle
August 21 GitHub Matthew McCullough
Architecture for Continuous Delivery John Esser
September 18 Testing Roundup!

Various Presenters 

October 16 Information Security Jason Tracy
MicroServices Chris Hansen
November 20 Full Stack JavaScript Thomas Valletta
Gabriel Dayley
JVM Latency Matt Schuetze - Azul



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November 2014 Ujug Meeting


Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Please RSVP on or meetup so we have enough great food!


5:30 - 6:00
6:00 - 7:00

Gabriel Dayley & Tom Valletta

Full Stack JavaScript
7:00 - 8:00

Matt Schuetze

Understanding Latency: Key Lessons and Tools


Full Stack JavaScript

Think JavaScript is just for the browser? More and more organizations are beginning to embrace the efficiencies that come from a homogenous technology stack. This presentation dives into the best practices and patterns for extending JavaScript to the server using Node.

Gabriel Dayley is a Software Architect for the LDS Church, where he's pushed the web as a strong platform for building applications. He is the founder of the Utah Google Developer Group and holds a B.S in Computer Science from Utah Valley University.

Tom Valletta is a Mobile Architect, Open Web Evangelist, and hack that has been developing for the web for fourteen years. His clients range across industries including defense, healthcare, technology, e-commerce, human resources and religion.


Understanding Latency: Key Lessons and Tools

Understanding application responsiveness and latency is critical not only for delivering good application behavior but also for maintaining profitability and containing risk. But when measurements present false or misleading information, even the best analysis can lead to wrong operational decisions and poor application experience. This presentation discusses common pitfalls encountered in measuring and characterizing latency, and ways to address them using some recently open sourced tools.

Matt Schuetze is the Director of Product Management at Azul Systems. He is responsible for managing requirements and charting product roadmaps for the Zing, Zing Platform Edition with WebSphere, and Zulu product families. Matt worked through the ranks at software companies Compuware and Micro Focus, from staff developer, to team lead, to development manager, to product manager. Since joining Azul, he contributed heavily to the implementation of the Zulu Enterprise open source offering, including its global launch in January 2014.


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October 2014 Ujug Meeting


Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Please RSVP so we buy the right amount of food


5:30 - 6:00
6:00 - 7:00

Jason Tracy

How a Non-Coder perceives the World of Information Security
7:00 - 8:00

Chris Hansen

Microservice Architecture [Slides]


How a Non-Coder perceives the World of Information Security

An insight into how a security guy sees users, threats and technology and what he does in the face of that perceived reality in his every day work including the biggest stumbling blocks on the way to a mostly secure environment.

A little guidance can go a long way in helping you navigate the new world of distributed version control, and this talk will help you make informed choices of the Git features you'll use, the branching patterns you'll leverage, and the way you will integrate your chosen pattern with your team's development practices.

Jason Tracy is a veteran Information Technologist of 15+ years with experience in Networking, Systems, Telecommunications, Information Security and Technology Management including the coordination of large, Enterprise-wide deployments and initiatives.  He’s an avid reader, a reluctant (yet enthusiastic) conspiracy theorist, a husband and a father of five.


Microservice Architecture

Microservice Architecture has a lot of buzz right now, with industry leaders like Netflix and ThoughtWorks espousing its benefits. In this presentation we’ll define the term "microservice", discuss the inherent tradeoffs, and provide tips on making them work in the real world. 

Chris Hansen is the CTO of Zane Benefits, where his team is building a platform from the ground up using Microservice Architecture. Previously, Chris was an Architect at and Experticity. Chris's experience with RESTful services dates back to 2008, with Overstock's migration to a Service Oriented Architecture. At Experticity, Chris worked to establish patterns and tools for writing microservices.


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