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6:00 : Pizza

6:20 : Announcements

6:30-7:45 : Machine Learning in Practice – Russ Smith, CTO Rainforest QA

7:45 : Door Prizes

The field of AI research was founded in 1956. Flash-forward about a half a century later, and companies are using Machine Learning in practice to drive business success.

But what does using Machine Learning successfully actually look in a company setting? And how does your team get started?

In this session you will learn
– A brief history of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
– The distinction between AI and ML
– When (and when not) to use Machine Learning in business practice
– How to get started with Machine Learning at your company

Russ Smith is the CTO and co-founder of Rainforest QA. He brings many years of experience managing the Machine Learning strategy for the Rainforest QA platform.