The Utah Java User Group is 100% supported by sponsors; we greatly value each contribution that we receive.

Why do we need sponsors?

We have the following two major categories of recurring expenses:

  • Food (pizza, drinks, cups, plates, napkins, etc.)
  • Books and other giveaways

In addition, we would like to begin soliciting prominent speakers from all over the world to speak to our JUG. We will need sponsorship monies to pay for travel fees, and where appropriate, a modest speaker fee.

Why sponsor UJUG?

UJUG sponsors get the chance to interact with the largest technology meetup in Utah. We have over 100 members attending each meeting and more than 1000 members registered on our mailing list and group.

If your goal is to reach smart, engaged developers and technologists in Utah, we can help!


  • Logo & link on sponsors page.
  • Post to UJUG Jobs mailing list (600+ job seeking technologists)
  • Post jobs to Meetup discussion forum (3000+ members notified)
  • Your logo on projector displayed for duration of UJUG meeting
  • Rewarding feeling you’re supporting local technology education


  • Setup booth during meeting, twice per year
  • All lower level benefits


  • Large logo on all materials
  • 1 minute address to audience, twice per year
  • All lower level benefits


  • Special callout on logos and banners
  • Address audience three times per year
  • Logo displayed in footer of every page on UJUG website
  • All lower level benefits


  • Exchange services for sponsor benefits
  • Contact us for┬ádetails