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*UJUG is this Thursday (3/19)*.  Please RSVP on ujug.org
or meetup <http://www.meetup.com/Utah-Java-Users-Group/events/219790319/>
so we have enough great food.

5:30 - 6:00    Pizza & Sandwiches
6:00 - 7:00    Spring Boot by Prashanth Batchu
7:00 - 8:00    XP, Scrum and Lean, OH MY!  by  Jonathan House

Spring Boot    Prashanth Batchu
The proposed presentation aims to provide an introduction to Spring Boot
and provide use cases of how it can help simplify the development process
of small to large scale Spring based projects.

A live coding session will follow demonstrating the ease of getting
productive on a new project very quickly with Spring Boot, Gradle and GIT.

Implementation of features like Scheduling, Security, JPA, Application
Profiles, Static content reloading, JMX, Messaging, Testing and others will
be briefly introduced.

The talk proceeds with a use case of how Large Spring based applications
can be simplified by using Spring Boot. REST service architecture is

Then a brief demonstration on converting existing applications to Spring
Boot is given. An open source test bed project for Spring Boot called
“BillRive” is presented to the developers.

The talk concludes with some comments on how Agile philosophy is fully
embraced by Spring Boot following the principles of “Convention over
Configuration”. The merits of Spring Boot and personal experiences are
shared.Q&A session follows at end of the presentation as time permits.

*Prashanth Batchu* currently works as a Senior Software Developer for
Intermountain Healthcare. He has received his Masters in Information
Systems from University of Denver and has been actively involved in all the
phases of SDLC Enterprise Application Development (E.A.D) with Java/EE for
the past seven years. He has lead many E.A.D projects to successful
completion while advocating of Agile Methodologies and Test Driven Software
Development. He has given many internal presentations on Best practices,
Java EE technologies, Spring, JavaScript Frameworks such as AngularJS and
other topics that are dear to Enterprise developers. He runs an open source
project titled BillRive to promote community learning and is interested in
starting a similar project aimed towards teaching Programming to Kids/Teens.

XP, Scrum and Lean, OH MY!    Jonathan House
Ever wonder which flavor of Agile is the best? The worst?

Me too. But that's not what we're talking about today.

Scratch any Agile methodology deep enough and you'll see the common
principles that all modern Agile methodologies share. It was these common
principles that allowed what was probably one of the feistiest herd of cats
ever known to mankind to come together and present the world with the Agile

So if these principles are so great, why are we still mucking around in
endless stand-up meetings? How many more rounds of Planning Poker will we
have to endure? Most importantly, when will I get my rocket jet pack?

Rocket jet packs aside, we'll bring our voyage of Agile enlightenment full
circle by observing the practices implemented in the name of these lofty
principles to see how well we have wrought.

And we'll definitely have some fun along the way.

At the tender age of 14 *Jonathan House* engaged in his very first
“software for hire” contract, for his father who needed a TRS-80 Basic
program converted into an Apple II floating point Basic program. This was
immediately followed by his first experience dealing with an impossible
customer, and being grounded for a month. Over a career of darn near three
decades Jonathan has been at various times a software tester, business
analyst, clueless user, project manager, product manager, architect,
programmer, former UJUG co-organizer (when dinosaurs roamed the earth) and
pointy haired boss. He even claims to know something about a/Agile, and
takes every opportunity to boast about being the first (and only, to date)
graduate from Alistair Cockburn's "Agile Master Class". Watching the same
mistakes made over and over again in the industry drove him to look for
better ways to make software that works, with the result that he now can be
found lurking around both the Agile and software architecture communities,
generally finding ways to make a nuisance of himself. In addition to his
day job as Agile Evangelist for Myriad Genetics he infrequently blogs about
his experiences at the pointy end of the Agile movement under the moniker
“Agile Sadist” on blogspot.
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